WALL PUNCH specialist printers of large format Digital Wallpaper, Adhesive Vinyl and FineArt Stocks.

High quality large format imagery creating a perfect backdrop for HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, RETAILERS.

Offers designers the flexibility to create exclusive client graphics for each individual project.

WALL PUNCH can use your existing corporate graphics or our design team can create a package specifically for your individual needs.

WALL PUNCH offers a diverse array of display options; for client messaging and visual merchandising.

WALL PUNCH in association with ALL ABOUT GRAPHICS, a market leader in large format printing, was established to meet market demand for high quality RETAIL/COMMERCIAL feature wall graphics.

During our 16 years of operation we have worked with some of the country's finest Architects/Designers and have developed our niche market utilising the latest  technology and media's.

WALL PUNCH's high quality imagery creates the most enviable display capturing everyone's attention and imagination, enhancing the profile and professionalism of your business.

TRADING HOURS 9am - 5pm, by appointment.